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Capesthorne Hall Firework Champions 2014

Capesthorne Hall Firework Champions 2014

WHAT: Firework Champions Capesthorne Hall 2014 Competition
WHEN: Saturday 16th August 2014

This gorgeous Country House started construction in 1719 and was completed in its first stage by 1732 but has been home to the Bromley-Davenports’ since 1726 and continues to be held by the family today.

Capesthorne remains home to the current squire of the Hall, William Arthur Bromley-Davenport, who was the former Lord Lieutenant of the County of Cheshire until his retirement in 2010. The Hall has been open to the public for sometime and is worth a saunter around the house and gardens.

The fireworks event of the year has to be the Firework Champions. As with the other stately homes holding this prestigious event, you are able to just go along to enjoy the fireworks or indeed spend the day there with family and friends and perhaps camp overnight.

There are 3 teams competing who will each produce a magnificent firework display choreographed to music. The teams only use CAT 4 fireworks which are NOT available to the general public and are the loudest, biggest and brightest that the UK has to offer. The pyro comes from all around the World from China, Spain, Germany and Italy and will include all manner of different effects.

Voting for the winner is carried out by text message and the audience choose their favourites and whilst the calculating takes place, the organisers and professional display team from MLE Pyrotechnics will keep the visitors entertained with a finale show which is sure to take everyone’s breath away.

The firing order is as follows:

• 9:30pm – Celebration Displays Ltd – Bury. Unfortunately, there is very little information on the company’s history but safe to say that they have been in the firework display business for more than 26 years and bring plenty of experience to the table. They have been fortunate enough to work with clients from both the corporate world in the form of product launches and of course, they have worked with TV producers for both Coronation Street and formerly Brookside. The display has been designed by Maurice Bent and the firing system is of their own creation: FireDancer.

• 9:45pm – Impact Technical - Washington (Tyne and Wear). Established in 2006 they are recognised as a formidable force within the fireworks display industry and are leaders in the field of pyro musicals. Having worked for many of the music industries leaders over the last few years, their name is a byword for excellence and when you are dealing with the likes of the beautiful Rihanna or madcap Dizzee Rascal, I would imagine that you have to have your wits about you! Their display promises to be an absolute beauty and one I am particularly looking forward to it especially after the stunning display they held at last year’s event of this kind at Broughton Hall. The display has been designed by Wayne Wilson and the firing system is FireByWire.

• 10:00 – PDC Fireworks – Peterborough. A family run business who fire displays in every corner of the UK. Renowned for using HUGE 16 inch shells to great effect this should be the one to watch out for. Firing last, you can expect some pretty powerful sky filling fireworks. Their display designed by Paul Chisnall and the firing system FireByWire.

The closing display will of course once again be the responsibility of the fabulous and talented MLE Pyrotechnics which will of course be nothing short of awesome. If you are fortunate enough to get a ring side seat to this magical event, we would be delighted to see some photo’s or video footage.

Good luck everyone – Keep Safe.

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