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There is nothing better than being invited to a private firework party, and the special memories created whilst in the presence of close friends will likely last a lifetime. Naturally, you will have no large crowds to contend with, and knowing that the display has been lovingly prepared in order to entertain an exclusive group of people is particularly heart-warming.

As a guest, there may be an expectation to bring your own fireworks and make a small contribution to the evening's festivities. In cases where no such expectation is made, a gift of fireworks would certainly be well-received and can be given as a thank you for the hospitality.

Purchasing fireworks as a gift can seem a daunting task, but if you follow our tips, you'll be guaranteed to impress.

Firstly, it is very important to establish where the fireworks are being lit and, in turn, work out the overall dimensions of the proposed firing area. It is always best to err on the side of caution and safety should always come first.

25+ metres - If the firework celebrations are being held in a large open space, and are to be in excess of 25 metres from spectators, then even our largest fireworks can be gifted knowing that that their minimum safety distance will be observed. When hosting a large display, a gift of smaller fireworks, such as a selection box, likely won't match the shows general scale and we would suggest that a large barrage matching your desired budget would be more fitting.

Presuming that a firework party is being held in a residential area, it is likely that the proposed firing site is smaller than 25 metres. In this case any firework which is classified as F3, and carries a safety distance of at least 25 metres, is going to be unsuitable. Thankfully, our product listings clearly outline this information.


15+ metres - Category F2 fireworks demand a safety distance in excess of 8 metres, and in spaces with 15 metres between guests and fireworks we would recommend an F2 barrage as an ideal gift. Again, smaller items such as fountains may not match the proportions of a large display yet one, (or a few), of our F2 barrages certainly will.

Firework Safety Poster - Follow Ben For A Safe Fireworks Night

8+ metres - Although all F2 products state a minimum safety distance of just 8 metres, some barrages we stock can still be very punchy. For displays which are being held between 8-15 metres from guests we would suggest buying a larger fountain or two, or if you contact us directly we can suggest multi-shot cakes which are ideal for a distance nearer 8 metres.


8 metres - Should firework celebrations be held at the minimum safety distance of exactly 8 metres, then a smaller selection box will offer an assortment of effects whilst keeping guests out of harms reach. The benefit of a selection box is they tend to offer a larger assortment of items and, in turn, provide good duration.

We hope that our above suggestions make buying fireworks more straight forward, but should any questions remain, please contact us for additional friendly advice.

On a last note, it is always worth considering young children and pets. Although adults tend to like louder bangs, children and pets may not be as keen, and all of our fireworks display clear noise ratings so that noisy fireworks can be avoided. Fireworks displaying 1 to 5/10 are considered low noise whilst the very loudest fireworks, which near 120dB, will state 10/10.

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