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Business Booming For UK Company

Business Booming For UK Company

With 35 years in the business of fireworks and special effects, Mitcham based company “Le Maitre” (The Master) are reporting a profit increase of 30%, which in the recent economic climate has to be regarded as nothing short of spectacular.

With an impressive list of clients including HRH Queen Elizabeth II, Richard Branson and the BBC to name just a few the second biggest pyrotechnics company on the planet also has had its work associated with many blockbuster films including “the hunger games” and “Les Miserables” premiers.

Anyone who has been to see Cirque du Soleil, The Killers, or even the UEFA League Championship Finals would have witnessed the work of le Maitre and possibly not realised.

With a research and development team of seven, designing some of the cutting edges of special effects in the world, it is something us Brits can be proud of.

I have been using one of their products for some time without realising its history, as one of the first company’s in the business they patented the “Pyroflash” stage effects system which has been used in numerous gigs over the years to great success. Probably one of my biggest was a corporate “James Bond” event for a major UK bank where I used their pyrotechnic system to blow up sections of a stage in a simulated film scene.

Things look good for the 75 employees of the West London Company who are now also based in the USA.

Take a look at some of their stunning displays and wonder at the ingenuity of us British.

As true world beaters in the industry, their indoor shows have wowed the world, I challenge you to take a look at these effects and not be impressed.

We here at Epic would like to wish Le Maitre every success in the future and hope your innovations continue to mesmerize and dazzle pyro fans across the world.

Anyone wanting to put on your own outdoor show on a smaller scale, please feel free to contact us, or view our fireworks in action at We have a wide variety of DIY display packs which will be brilliant for birthdays, anniversaries or any other celebrations and can be delivered to anywhere in the UK.

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