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Bring Back The Fireworks Display At Boston Harbor

Bring Back The Fireworks Display At Boston Harbor

WHAT: Labor Day Weekend Firework Display
WHERE: Boston, USA
VENUE: Boston Harbor
WHEN: Saturday 31st August 2013

Calling all firework lovers from all corners of the world. You may remember a little while back we asked for your support with the PassFire project. Well, we need your help once again in support of another great cause.

The Boston waterfront (not for profit) department need to raise $20,000 to bring back the amazing fireworks display to Boston Harbor on Labor Day Weekend, which takes place on Saturday 31st August 2013.

The Boston waterfront non-profits and public organizations have all got together to make this special event happen again.

The Boston Harbor Association have started a Kick-starter project called 'Bring Back Boston Harbor Fireworks Labor Day Weekend 2013' but the project will only be funded if at least $20,000 is raised by Thursday 6th June 2013. You can read more about this special event on their Kick-starter page.

Fireworks over Boston Harbor

Please donate generously. You can donate as little as $1 and the more kind-hearted donors will be treated to a once in a lifetime experience such as a free ferry ride out to play extreme croquet on the Harbor Islands, free passes to the Institute of Contemporary Art, an amazing 2 hour cruise of Boston Harbor on Wednesday 12th June and exclusive viewing points courtesy of the splendid Boston Harbor Hotel.

Here's a great video below, courtesy of Boston's good friend, William McAdoo aka @TheBostonFoodie of a fireworks display that Extreme Sailing put on a couple of years ago over the Boston Harbor - kindly sponsored by Grey Goose Vodka and Boston Common Magazine during the Extreme Sailing Kick-off party in 2011.

Imagine the fireworks display this year if the kick-starter target is achieved :)

Here's a list of the public and non-profit organizations that strongly support this fantastic family event - Lets all get together and make this happen :)

Epic Fireworks
The Boston Harbor Association
Institute of Contemporary Art
Boston Children's Museum
New England Aquarium
USS Constitution Museum
Greenway Conservancy
Boston National Historic Park
Boston Harbor Island Alliance
Harbor Arts
Design Museum Boston
Freedom Trail Foundation
Common Boston
Mass Department of Conservation and Recreation
Courageous Sailing

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