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Bridge birthday sees sky light up

Bridge birthday sees sky light up

THE skies above Saltash were lit up in spectacular fashion when the 150th anniversary of the Royal Albert Bridge was marked.

A series of events over the bank holiday weekend celebrated the creation of Isambard Kingdom Brunel's iconic bridge.

The railway bridge is widely regarded as being an engineering masterpiece.

The highlight for most was the spectacular firework display over the bridge, which connects Devon and Cornwall.

Other events included a balloon parade and a Victorian-themed fun day.

Shane Scott witnessed the firework display.

"Having seen fireworks displays all over the world over several decades, for me this was one of the very finest I have witnessed," said Mr. Scott who lives in North Road West.

"Short, brilliantly choreographed, and building to a truly spectacular ending – all framed by the silhouette of the Brunel's engineering masterpiece. Wow!"

The Fireworks were launched by Celebration Pyrotechnics. Full credit to the lads for an incredible show.

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