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BRAINIAC Science Abuse: Firework Racing

BRAINIAC Science Abuse: Firework Racing

Richard Hammond, of Top Gear (and of course any number of voice-overs and Total Wipe-out) is also a massive fan of the science behind any number of inventions and tests and his fabulous programme, essentially aimed at 10-year olds (both children and so-called ‘adult’ men) tests our which will be the faster between a firework rocket, a golf ball and a motorbike.

All three were lined up and ready to move as quickly as possible to find out which was faster. The golf ball weighs around 45gms only and was struck by a club with a graphite shaft and a titanium head. The rocket was a large one which reaches a maximum of 250ft in around 6/8 seconds and finally, the motorbike, at the hands of Richard Hammond top speed 190mph was all ready to take the test.

The motorbike had to have a moving start so Hammond drove back from the start line and at the moment he crossed, the golfer struck the ball and the rocket got underway.

The timings:

ROCKET - 6.16 seconds
BIKE - 6.18 seconds
GOLF BALL - Lost :(

So, the answer is, if you are late for work, don’t take the bike, strap a HUGE rocket to yourself and you will be there in no time at all.

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