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Bonfire Night In York

Guy Fawkes

The City that called itself home to Guy Fawkes in his formative years is set to officially celebrate Bonfire Night for the first time in 7-years. Guy Fawkes was born in the city in 1570 and was educated at St Peter's School which hosted the last official display.

The show, which will take place on November 5th, is said to be the biggest in the City’s history.

The organisers for the show are Rat Race Adventure Sports, which runs events and activities is getting set to host a fireworks festival alongside a 5km run on the Knavesmire. For many years, Knavesmire was the site of public hangings in York. The gallows were erected in 1379, a few miles outside the city on the main southern approach road (now known as the A1036 Tadcaster Road). Probably the most famous people to be executed there were Rhys ap Maredudd, a Welsh nobleman and rebel, hanged in 1292, and Dick Turpin, who was hanged in 1739. The area is subject to flooding due to its low lying location.

The City last held a display in 2005 keeping the location a secret until the last minute resulting in chaos in the City as crowds complained that they were unable to see the festivities. In the past, Knavesmire has been used as the venue but was dropped due to costs.

The full details of the display remain a closely guarded secret – lets hope that its kept under wraps better than the original Gunpowder Plot.

As Bonfire Night is fast approaching, thoughts turn to what you are going to do this Year.

If you are looking to have a display for your family and friends or are organising a substantial display with a number of spectators and want to keep a tight reign on the purse strings, look no further. With all our products at half price or less, we have some majestic DIY display kits available. They come with the fireworks, the safety equipment and set up plans, portfires to light the fireworks, firing order and rocket launch tubes. Our experienced staff will be happy to discuss any concerns that you have and make recommendations where required to add that little more to your display.

We are open 7-days a week, throughout the Year (apart of course from Christmas, Boxing and New Years Days) and can be contacted by telephone, email or come along to see us at our magnificent bespoke showroom on the outskirts of North Sheffield.

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