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Black Rainbow. Explosion Project Valencia.

Black Rainbow. Explosion Project Valencia.

Black Rainbow Explosions.

Back in 2005 international artist Cai Gou-Qiang, a native of China was commissioned by Valencia’s Museum of Modern Art to create a piece for their exhibition.

The ‘black rainbow’ was created by firing 1400 three-inch black smoke shells and the duration was around a minute. They were set up on the Old Turia Riverbed Park between Royal Bridge and Trinidad Bridge in Valencia, Spain.

Cai Gou-Qiang studied in Japan and started introducing gun-powder as a medium into his art which he has continued to use throughout his career to date. Known already for his conceptual art, last year his exhibition in New York was internationally acclaimed.

I am sure we will be featuring many more of the offerings of this fascinating artist in years to come as he challenges our perception of art as he pushes the boundaries further.

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