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Best Places in The UK for New Year's Eve Firework Displays

Best Places in The UK for New Year's Eve Firework Displays

As the year draws to a close, cities across the UK gear up for their biggest celebrations - New Year's Eve. During cold winter nights, these cities turn into bustling hubs of fun and excitement with one common highlight - EPIC firework displays.

Organised firework displays have become synonymous with welcoming in the New Year not just here in the UK, but across the globe. And it's because they're not just about the visual feast but also about the collective spirit of saying farewell to the past year and looking ahead to the possibilities of the new year. The displays bring friends, families and communities together, drawing people from all walks to share in the joy, and to collectively usher in the new chapter.

In London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff, and Liverpool, these events aren't just about the fireworks; they're about shared experiences and celebration. Each city has its own unique way of celebrating, with fireworks acting as the ultimate crescendo to an evening of festivities.

So, let's take a closer look at these destinations, each promising an unforgettable start to the New Year.

Spending New Years Eve in London

London, being the capital of the UK, hosts one of the world's most iconic New Year's Eve celebrations with the centre piece being the fireworks extravaganza on the Thames River, with The London Eye as the centrepiece of the event.

As the clock ticks towards midnight, the city gears up for an awe-inspiring fireworks display. The skies above the Thames burst into a dazzling array of colours, patterns, and pyrotechnics, synchronized perfectly to a playlist of high-energy music.

The event is ticketed with over 100,000 people gather along the banks of the Thames to watch the display. But if you don't have a ticket, that's no problem as there are lots of great viewpoints across the city where you can still enjoy the show.

Check out our article all about where to watch London's New Years Eve firework display for free to choose the right one for you.

As you'd expect the atmosphere on New Years Eve is electric. Families, friends, and tourists alike come together to soak in the celebratory atmosphere and welcome the New Year together.

Alongside the fireworks display, in recent years, the London New Year's Day Parade has become an integral part of the festive season. The parade, featuring a procession of performers, musicians, and dancers from around the world, winds its way through central London, delighting spectators that line the streets.

Spending New Years Eve in Edinburgh

The Hogmanay celebrations in Edinburgh mark one of the most spirited and famous New Year's Eve events in the world. Hogmanay is a Scottish word for the last day of the year and the festivities extend for several days, with the main event culminating on New Year's Eve itself.

At the heart of Edinburgh's New Year's celebrations is the stunning display of fireworks that lights up the skies above the city. Princes Street and the surrounding area become a bustling hub of activity, hosting tens of thousands of revellers from across the globe. As the clock strikes midnight, the sky erupts in a breathtaking fireworks show, choreographed to music and set against the backdrop of the historic Edinburgh Castle.

What sets Edinburgh's celebrations apart is the torchlight procession that winds its way through the city streets on December 30th, lighting up the night with thousands of torchbearers. This spectacular procession, culminates in an the Son et Lumière, a dramatic light and sound display on the slopes of Arthur's Seat, one of Edinburgh's iconic landmarks.

Alongside that, the Street Party on New Year's Eve is a vibrant affair, with live music, DJs, and performers entertaining the crowds across multiple stages. The party atmosphere is infectious, and revellers can dance their way into the New Year under the starry sky of Scotland's capital.

Moreover, for those seeking a more traditional celebration, the "Loony Dook" on New Year's Day is a plunge into the icy waters of the River Forth, attracting brave people dressed in a wide range of costumes.

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Spending New Years Eve in Birmingham

Birmingham, a bustling city in the heart of England, welcomes New Year's Eve with a wide range of celebrations. As the clock ticks towards midnight, Birmingham's skies come alive with colourful bursts of fireworks, casting a magical glow across the cityscape.

A focal point for many celebrants in Birmingham is the city centre itself. Landmarks like Victoria Square and Centenary Square often serve as prime locations for watching the fireworks displays.

While Birmingham doesn't host a traditional event on the scale of Edinburgh's Hogmanay, the city's nightlife and entertainment venues come alive on New Year's Eve. Pubs, clubs, and restaurants across the city offer special events, live music, and themed parties to ring in the New Year.

As you'd expect with a big city like Birmingham, the celebrations extend well beyond midnight, with various venues continuing the festivities into the early hours of the new year. Birmingham's welcoming spirit and lively atmosphere create a memorable experience for locals and visitors alike, making it a fantastic destination to welcome the new year. 

Spending New Years Eve in Manchester

Manchester, renowned for its vibrant cultural and music scene as well as great nightlife, offers a wide range of ways to welcome in the New Year. 

Numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants in the bustling city centre, such as Deansgate and the Northern Quarter, put on themed parties. From chic cocktail lounges to lively pubs, there's something to suit every taste and preference.

As the clock inches closer to midnight, anticipation fills the air, and groups of revellers spill out onto the streets, adding to the city's infectious energy.

In past years the fireworks in Manchester have taken place in either Piccadilly Gardens or Albert Square. As it stands the display for 2024 is yet to be confirmed but we've got our fingers crossed.

The event usually starts at 10.30pm with music and entertainment in the build up to the fireworks being launched at midnight with the display itself lasting for around 10 minutes. But even if an official display isn't confirmed for this year, fireworks still illuminate the skies across Manchester so you'll still get your firework fix.

Spending New Years Eve in Glasgow

Similar to Edinburgh, Glasgow embraces the Scottish tradition of Hogmanay, marking the last day of the year with enthusiasm. The city includes aspects of this tradition into its New Year's Eve events, often having torchlight processions or ceilidh dancing in various venues.

Known for its thriving music scene, Glasgow frequently hosts live music events and performances at key locations across the city. Renowned venues and stages offer an eclectic mix of genres, ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy as they ring in the New Year.

Much like other major cities, Glasgow lights up the sky at the stroke of midnight with a dazzling fireworks display. 

Organised by the city council, the free display takes place in George Square and attracts thousands of spectators every year.

Spending New Years Eve in Cardiff

New Year's Eve in Cardiff is a lively affair that celebrates the city's cultural diversity. Cardiff's Winter Wonderland at the City Hall and Cardiff Castle is the heart of the action, offering ice-skating, funfair rides, and family entertainment, setting the stage for a festive atmosphere leading up to midnight.

The city's music scene comes alive with live performances across various venues, ranging from traditional folk tunes to contemporary beats. A stage is also set up in front of the City Hall where live music and entertainment take place leading up to the spectacular new year fireworks display over the Cardiff Bay.

Spending New Years Eve in Liverpool

Like the other cities we've covered, Liverpool's New Year's Eve celebrations typically offer a vibrant mix of entertainment, live music, and fireworks, creating an energetic atmosphere throughout the city. The iconic waterfront and Pier Head often serve as a focal point for festivities, hosting events that draw crowds to ring in the New Year.

The Albert Dock and other scenic spots along the Mersey River have been known to host spectacular fireworks displays, illuminating the night sky with dazzling colours as the clock strikes midnight. 

While the specifics of New Year's Eve events in Liverpool may vary each year, the city traditionally embraces the festive spirit, inviting everyone to celebrate the year's end and the beginning of a new chapter.

Wherever you go...

Wherever you decide to celebrate New Years Eve, we hope you have a fantastic and memorable celebration! And if you decide you'd rather spend the night at home with your own personal fireworks display make sure you check out our New Years Eve celebration packs. They've all been expertly curated to give you a fantastic, no-hassle display, no matter your budget.



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