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Where to Watch London's New Years Eve Fireworks Display for Free

Where to Watch London's New Years Eve Fireworks Display for Free

2024 is just around the corner, and that means that London's iconic New Year's Eve fireworks display is drawing near.

Tickets went on sale earlier this month and you won't be surprised to know that they sold out - quick!

This will leave many of you wondering how you can catch a glimpse of London's display and welcome in the new year with awesome fireworks.

The primary areas along the Victoria Embankment, Westminster Bridge, South Bank, and Waterloo Bridge are reserved for ticket holders. But, fear not! There are still loads of alternative spots scattered across London where you can enjoy a fantastic view of the fireworks and they won't cost you a penny!

So, if you're looking to ring in the new year with a fantastic fireworks show, join us as we uncover the best free spots to enjoy the display and welcome 2024 in style.

Cannon Street and Monument | Central London

Sat between St Paul’s Cathedral, Mansion House, and Bank, these riverside locations offer fantastic views just outside the ticketed zone.

Located close enough to the action, Cannon Street and Monument are perfect for those aiming to enjoy the display without breaking the bank. However, given how close they are to the ticketed area, these spots attract big crowds so it's a good idea to arrive early and secure your place.

Nearest Station: Cannon Street, St Paul’s or Bank


Primrose Hill | North London

Looking to avoid the hustle of central London?

North London boasts one of London’s highest vantage points—Primrose Hill. 

Nestled on the north side of Regent’s Park and with an elevation of 76 metres you’ll enjoy panoramic views across central London, Hampstead, and Belsize Park.

Nearest Station: Chalk Farm, Belsize Park, Hampstead or Hampstead Heath

Alexandra Palace | North London

This is another great spot for those looking to avoid the busy city centre.

While a bit further away, again it provides stunning panoramic views of the capital. The main fireworks might appear distant from this view point but you will also get to enjoy all of the other fireworks that will fill the sky across the city. The uphill climb might require some effort, but the views make it worthwhile.

Nearest tube: Wood Green or Alexandra Palace


Parliament Hill | North London

Standing tall at 98 metres, Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath offers relatively unobstructed views across the city making it a great place to watch the fireworks from. Families often gather here to watch the celebrations without spending a penny, Plus, due to it being a pretty spacious area you can lay out a picnic blanket and bring fold-up chairs to enjoy the show in comfort.

Nearest station: Hampstead

Telegraph Hill & Hilly Fields | South London

Looking for something in South London?

The Brockley/Lewisham area, offers not one but two fantastic spots for catching the fireworks including Telegraph Hill, and Hilly Fields. 

Hilly Fields sits 53 metres above sea level, giving it great views across the river into the city. Like Alexandra Palace in the north, the main fireworks display will seem distant, but you'll also get to enjoy all of the other shows in the area that night.

Nearest Station: Ladyfield, Brockley or Crofton Park


Greenwich Park | South East London

The park boasts some incredible viewpoints that cover the whole city, giving you an opportunity to view of a huge range of New Years Eve displays, especially from the top of Point Hill. Plus, Greenwich has a really lovely feel at this time of year.

As you'd expect, with great views comes lots of people, arriving early means you'll secure a prime spot to enjoy the fireworks from.

Nearest Station: Greenwich or Cutty Sark

Epic Tips

If you're aiming to catch the fireworks display, here are some essential pointers to consider:

  • Official event admission is exclusive to ticket holders. The government has emphasised that attending without a ticket is not allowed, and reselling or transferring tickets is prohibited.
  • Arrive early at your chosen location as crowds are expected, especially at popular spots mentioned earlier.
  • Plan your travel ahead. noting that while the Tube runs all night, certain stations might be exit-only or have limited service. Tube travel isn't free this year, and roads around the city center may be closed, leading to bus diversions and potentially pricier cabs. To plan your journey, visit the Transport for London website.
  • Avoid key Tube stations. Stations near to the main display, like Westminster, Embankment, Waterloo, and Charing Cross will be very busy and congested due to the main event.
  • Prepare for the weather and wrap up warm. Being stood outside for an extended period of time on a winter night means you will get cold if you're not prepared. Think function over fashion, layer up and make sure you have waterproofs just in case.
  • Travel light. Pack only what you need, especially if you're travelling on public transport.
  • Bring snacks and drinks. Bringing hot and cold drinks and a picnic can make the whole evening more enjoyable and let's be honest, more comfortable.
  • Take your rubbish home with you. Don't ruin the fun and leave rubbish behind. If you were able to carry it there, then you're able to carry it home or to the nearest bin.

Wherever you decide to watch the fireworks from, we hope you have a fantastic and memorable New Year's Eve celebration in London! And if you decide you'd rather spend the night at home with your own personal fireworks display make sure you check out our New Years Eve celebration packs. They've all been expertly curated to give you a fantastic, no-hassle display, no matter your budget.



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