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Top Pyro Picks: Best Fireworks to Buy for Your Dad this Father's Day

Top Pyro Picks: Best Fireworks to Buy for Your Dad this Father's Day

Father's Day is just around the corner, and if you're looking for a gift that will really light up your dad's day, look no further! This year, why not give him something explosive – fireworks! Whether your dad is a seasoned pyrotechnics enthusiast or just loves a good show, we've got you covered.

In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of the best fireworks to buy for your dad, catering to a range of budgets. From stunning rockets and vibrant fountains to impressive multi-shot cakes, there's something here for every type of firework fan.

So, get ready to add some sparkle to Father's Day and make it a celebration he won't forget!

Super Star Selection Box

Thinking about surprising your dad this Father's Day? The Super Star Selection Box could be a great choice. Priced at £24.99 from Epic Fireworks (RRP £49.99), it offers good value for money.

This selection box by Marvel Fireworks includes 15 different fireworks: 9 fountains, 3 roman candles, 2 missile cakes, and a catherine wheel. Each one has its own effects and colours, providing a variety of experiences.

With a noise rating of 5/10, it’s suitable for families and won't disturb the pets. Ideal for first-timers, this box has a bit of everything to enjoy together.

Interested? Find more details here.


Sky Hunter Rocket Pack

Looking to make Father's Day unforgettable? Our best-selling Sky Hunter Rocket Pack is a top choice. Available for £29.94 at Epic Fireworks (RRP £49.99), this pack delivers serious bang for your buck.

Made by Hallmark Fireworks, this pack includes five large 1.3G rockets, each offering powerful and vibrant effects. With a noise rating of 10/10, these rockets are not for the faint-hearted. Expect to see stunning displays like brocade to red starburst, brocade to blue stars and white glitter, and various brocade crowns with glittering stars.

Known as the "pound for pound" king of rockets, the Sky Hunter pack is perfect for those who love a loud and spectacular show. If your dad enjoys fireworks that pack a punch, this is the one to go for.

Find out more here.


 Professional Rocket Box 4 - 24 x 1.3G Rockets

Professional Rocket Box 4

If you want to give your dad a fireworks experience he'll never forget, the Professional Rocket Box 4 is an outstanding option. Priced at £249.96 at Epic Fireworks (RRP £539.99), this box offers a fantastic selection of rockets for a great price.

This pack includes 24 high-quality 1.3G rockets, each designed to create a stunning display with a noise rating of 8/10. Here’s what’s inside:

  • 6 VSR2 rockets: These rockets from Vivid Pyrotechnics are essentially 2" display shells on sticks, offering professional-grade effects with impressive height and spherical bursts.
  • 5 Sky Hunter rockets: Known as the "pound for pound" king of rockets by Hallmark Fireworks, these rockets provide loud and colourful effects, including various brocade crowns and starbursts.
  • 5 Black Hawk rockets: From Black Cat, these rockets are flash-heavy with 60 grams of explosive each. Expect a variety of visuals like golden brocade, green jewel-encrusted palm, bronze willow, and more.

  • 3 Soaring Tigers rockets: Hallmark Fireworks delivers massive ball head rockets with effects like flower crowns, red glitter willows, and brocade crowns.
  • 4 King Marvelous rockets: These rockets by Brothers Pyrotechnics produce high-end golden willow effects that fill the sky, with an explosive content close to the UK's maximum limit.

  • 3 Sundown rockets: Also by Black Cat, these rockets have huge bursts that reflect their large size.

The pack also includes 6 rocket launching tubes for safe and spectacular launches.

 So for dads who want a next-level fireworks display at home, the Professional Rocket Box 4 is an exceptional choice.

Check out more details here.


Heavy Duty 64 Shot Barrage

Looking for an impressive firework to wow your dad this Father's Day? The Heavy Duty 64 Shot Barrage from Epic Fireworks is a fantastic option. Priced at £34.98 (RRP £69.99), this is one of Epic Fireworks' best-sellers.

This single ignition barrage by Paramount Fireworks is truly a sight to behold. With 64 shots, it offers a stunning array of effects over a brilliant duration. Here’s what to expect:

  • Glittering gold comet tails followed by red strobe effects.
  • Chirping whistles spiralling into silver peonies with crackling.
  • Fizzing spinners sparking up from the ground.
  • Two-stage whistles with glittering golden tails breaking into bright lime green peonies.
  • A grand multi-shot finale of whirring whistles and bursts of crackling.

With a noise rating of 8/10, this barrage provides a superb all-around display with a great mix of effects and noise. It's sure to be a hit with anyone who loves a dynamic and varied firework show.

Find out more here.


Whistle Mix Pop 27 Shot

Want to surprise your dad with something unique this Father's Day? The Whistle Mix Pop 27 Shot firework offers a different kind of fireworks experience. At £19.98, it’s a great value for an exciting display.

This firework is perfect for those who enjoy sonic effects. Similar to the popular Humming Hornets, this 27-shot wonder shoots red pearls that whizz and skip across the sky, creating a humming whistle that’s sure to entertain.

The effects include spinners, crackles, screamers, and tailed crackles, making it a fun and varied display. With a noise rating of 5/10, it's suitable for all ages and won't overwhelm.

If you're looking for a firework that will be a hit with the whole family, the Whistle Mix Pop is a great choice.

For more details, check it out here.




Conspiracy DIY Display Kit

Looking to go all-out this year and give your dad an unforgettable fireworks experience this Father's Day? Our best-selling ‘Conspiracy DIY Display Kit’ is an outstanding choice.

At £324.00 (RRP £844.82), this pack offers a fantastic array of top-class 1.3G fireworks.

This popular kit contains everything you need for a brilliant display, including 46 fireworks and all necessary safety equipment. The display lasts around 8-10 minutes and has a noise rating of 8/10, ensuring a spectacular show without being too overwhelming.

Here’s what’s included:

The kit also includes 12 safety portfires, 2 safety goggles, a firing order, safety instructions, a set-up plan, and 6 rocket launching tubes. With such a comprehensive package, setting up and enjoying your display will be straightforward and safe.

If you want to put on a professional-quality fireworks show at home, the Conspiracy DIY Display Kit is a perfect choice.

Find more details here.


Wait, there's more!

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From backyard barbecues to garden parties and birthday celebrations, we have the perfect fireworks to light up your celebration.

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