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Bath International Music Festival

Bath International Music Festival

The well-established Bath International Music Festival is now in its 61st year and organisers have promised that it will be the biggest and best festival the city has seen to date.

Nod Knowles, chief executive of the Bath Festivals Trust, said: “Last night was fabulous. Although we are not quite sure just how many people came out to enjoy themselves last night we are sure it was significantly more than last year’s 10,000 - probably about 15,000, which is just amazing. The whole night was a roaring success. There is more than just something for everyone. The festival is a photograph of the very best entertainment on offer today.”

The evening’s entertainment began with the sound of bells resonating across the city, as scores of bell ringers announced the opening of the festival from their bell towers and was brought to a close with a spectacular firework display.
Following on from the success of the opening night, there will be plenty of opportunity to continue to enjoy live performances across the city with the event running until the June 6.

The festival will feature the very same diversity that made the Party in the City such a success with a range of music genres to suit all kinds of tastes.
Mainstream classical will be featuring on the programme with the BBC Concert Orchestra performing Gershwin, and the London Symphony Orchestra and the Jerusalem Quartet playing across the venues of Bath.

Firework display fired by Northern Lights Fireworks.

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