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Banned Fireworks - The Banger

Banned Fireworks - The Banger

A banger is probably one of the most powerful fireworks because the whole contents explode at once. Whereas the contents of most other fireworks go off a bit at a time, in a banger all the explosive is tightly packed into a single tube.

The fuse ignites this and the explosion shoots out of the end of the tube and into the air. The effect is powerful and sudden which is why we get such a loud bang. The same amount of black powder in a barrage or multi-shot repeater would not have the same volume or force.

Bangers as single tube fireworks have been banned in the UK since 1998 due to a large number of complaints from the public over nuisance noise around Guy Fawkes Night. However many fireworks still contain loud bangs and we don’t mind.

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