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Australia Day 2015

Australia Day 2015

The 26th January marks the anniversary of the first British fleet arriving in what is now Port Jackson, New South Wales in 1788 forming the new colony. Records of celebrations for what was originally called ‘Anniversary Day’ date right back to 1808, but it became referred to as Australia Day in 1935, eventually becoming a public holiday in 1994.

All over Australia, event planners have been working flat-out, organising everything from fun runs to mass picnics and of course fireworks. Over 500,000 revellers regularly view the massive display around Victoria harbour and Docklands. The display’s are all scheduled to begin at around 9:30pm, and will be followed with live music and entertainment into the night.

The biggest Australia Day fireworks display will be in Perth and it is the work of the inimitable Foti Fireworks who plan to fill the skies overhead with 10 tonnes of fireworks on Monday evening.

The professional display team, responsible for the New Years Fireworks seen across the globe from Australia, also confirmed that they will be trying out some new effects including some silver palm bursts with crackle centres alongside some quarter moon bursts which have been specifically created to correlate with one of the music tracks they are to choreograph to.

Fortunato Foti has lived and breathed fireworks since being born into one of the Worlds first firework families and as a 7th generation pyro-technician it is quite literally in the blood.

One comment made by Fortunato really struck a chord “however large a display is, 25% of the fireworks are in the last-minute of the finale which everyone remembers anyway”. That just left me trying to imagine 2 ½ tonnes of pyro in a minute WOW.

As always any Aussie, who can’t make it back home and wants to celebrate in Epic style, give us a ring for expert advice or visit our website, where you can view all our fireworks in action before you buy to give you an idea what to expect. You can visit our bespoke showroom just off junction 36 of the M1 between Sheffield and Barnsley.

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