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Another World Record Achievement

Another World Record Achievement

On 11th October 2014, at the 13th Kounasu Fireworks festival in Japan, they have managed to successfully launch and fire the largest/heaviest aerial shell ever attempted to beat the standing world record.

The firework shell, named Fenghuang Boisterous Dance was the last shell fired for the finale of the 13th Kounosu Fireworks Festival weighing in at an incredible 1014lb the 48 inch shell burst was estimated at an incredible 2,500 feet across.

The effect was a bright orange tail which on reaching height burst in a massive chrysanthemum burst which had secondary coloured horsetails. The effects hung in the air like a breath on the wind before the stars emitted beautiful green strobing lights. Simply Beautiful:

(cut to 3:20 for the launching of the shell and burst)

The previous record holder was from Japan at the Katakai Festival and weighed in at a massive 990lbs and was named ‘Yonshakudama’ measuring 48 inches in diameter (the same diameter as the new boy!) and it gave a bloom of around 875 yards across but its lower weight means that the new boy won overall.

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