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This spectacular and world-renowned competition got underway on 17th February 2018 at the SM Mall of Asia over the bay in the Philippines.

It all kicked off with an opening display by the local team, Platinum Fireworks, who will also close the event on 24th March once the final team, representing China; Polaris Fireworks have completed their display.

So far, the competition has seen some of the best professional display teams in the world take to the skies to wow the gathered thousands and there have been several excellent displays from USA, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Canada who all showed their wares with verve. My choice of the best so far would be Canada. Whilst there have been some standout sections for each team, with the pretty bronze willow brocades from the USA, sweet titanium flashes from the German team, awesome dragon egg shells from the Swiss contingent, there were some hoohahs too as the Austrian team failed to get the heart shells the right way around (I know – no-one does!) but they had some dark sky moments which were a little sad.

The fourth evening of spectacular fireworks happened this weekend as France, represented by Pandora Pyrotechnie fire alongside the Italian team, represented by Alessi Fuochi so there should be a plethora of colour and effect on offer.

Of course, we are all waiting with bated breath to see the UK’s fabulous Pyrotex Fireworx throw down the gauntlet next weekend. This team really have become World beaters and are currently the Grand Champions. Their theme ‘Angels’ will be in memory of friends lost in the last year is certain to be a heart-tugger but I for one cannot wait to see their precision and the sheer beauty of another of their displays.

The very best of luck to all and a very special ‘go get em’ to Pyrotex Fireworx.

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