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Thanks to constant improvements in firework manufacturing, and a thirst from importers to deliver the most impressive fireworks on the market, fireworks have never been more spectacular than they are today. This golden age of pyro provides unbelievable effects, and also treats buyers to beautiful colours, which dazzle like never before. Here we look at our top 5 colourful firework recommendations.

Spectrum Fountain - Noise Rating 2/10 - 40 Seconds - Cost £11.94

In fifth place is our inexpensive Spectrum Fountain from Standard Fireworks, and this emits rarely seen blob-like stars often referred to as 'jelly beans'. The jelly beans are kaleidoscopic and burn so well that they will eventually dance and skate across the ground in a magical and mesmerizing fashion. This is a superb low noise firework and if secured and lit at a greater height beautiful rainbow-coloured balls will rain down creating a truly magical display.

Colourful Stars 25 Shot - Noise Rating 9/10 - 25 Seconds - Cost £39.96

Colourful Stars is a 25-shot barrage from Klasek Fireworks, and Klasek are renowned for providing colourful products. It will come as no surprise then that their aptly named 'Colourful Stars' is no exception! Stunning pastel coloured azure blue, pink and yellow pearls compliment each other beautifully and have a hue which is seldom seen elsewhere. This firework is certainly a treat for the eyes.

El Loco 268 Shot - Noise Rating 9/10 - 120 Seconds - Cost £349.98

Taking third spot is El Loco from Vivid Pyrotechnics, and this masterpiece is certainly vivid by name and nature! Featuring ruby red mine lifts, sapphire blue bursts, blood-red strobe, dirty gold charcoal willows, stunning silvers, lemon stars, and pinks with complimentary purple in the first 30 seconds alone this compound cake is truly prismatic. Our favourite colour combination fires cyan and magenta bursts above matching coloured mine lifts and then hugely lucid orange stars light the night before crossettes launch five wide displaying banks of pink, sea blue, orange, emerald and red. In short, there is no colour that this firework lacks and its psychedelic performance is both rich and splashy.

Colour Wars 48 Shot - Noise Rating 5/10 - 45 Seconds - Cost £49.98

A surprise second place goes to Colour Wars by Black Cat, and they have really raised the bar with this 48 shot fanned barrage. The firework uses cutting edge colour technology and effects fire, then change colour before your very eyes to create a magical, and beautifully picturesque, performance. Plumes of purple stars rooster tail upwards before transforming to yellow, lime green mines colour change to blue, then green to red, blue to red and so on to create a sensational multicoloured, ever-changing, display. A great buy!

Sky Candy 100 Shot - Noise Rating 9/10 - 30 Seconds - Cost £149.96

In top spot is another firework from Vivid Pyrotechnics, this time Sky Candy. If you love colourful fireworks, then look no further! Huge overlapping bursts of red, blue, purple, green and yellow wash the night in colour and all above complimentary coloured mine lifts. The colours seen are of the very highest quality and as a whole this firework is so brightly coloured that it is bound to captivate all lucky enough to see it.

So there it is, with the exceptional standard of colourful fireworks now on the market it is hard to imagine a time when pickings will surpass the quality available today. It is quite possible that fireworks are now the best they have ever been, and quite possibly are the best they ever will be!

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