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Many of you may know already but Guy Fawkes, the main conspirator in the Gunpowder Plot was actually from our own fair County, Yorkshire. In fact, from what would at the time have been the ‘City Centre’ of the North of England, York from just off the High Street and he and his family lived there for much of his early life.

It has just been announced in the National Press that there are plans afoot to produce a £20 million film about Guy and the Gunpowder Plot.

The film is being created to appeal to the 18-25-year-old audience and will take a format similar to the Pirates of the Caribbean with some of the darker side of the story being compared to the film Se7en.

The brilliant Orlando Bloom, famous for his portrayal of Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean stories and Legolas Greenleaf in Lord of the Rings, has been approached about the role but there is no firm information at this time but we believe he would be absolutely perfect for it.

The filming will take place for the most part in and around the City of York and the studio/production teams will be based at the local University Campus.

ELSA Productions are the team responsible for bringing this project together and they have backing from all over the World, including some investment from the UAE as one backer has already put £8 million in the pot to kick off the funding. ELSA are unique in the way they approach funding for film production as they are hoping for investments and have created a little ‘montage’ for their prospective backers

The film about Guy Fawkes, including all the mystery and intrigue surrounding the actions of Guy, Robert Catesby and the other conspirators of 1605 still captures the imagination and remains a human interest story where hopefully, you will be able to see the rationale behind taking the radical steps that they did, to rid the country of a King who to all intents and purposes, was permitting the persecution and killing of those wanting to remain faithful to Catholicism irrespective of the changes in the ruler of the country.

As and when more information becomes available, we will let you know.


PASSFIRE. A Film About Firework Culture Across The Globe.


You may have caught our recent blog post about Passfire, a film dedicated to shoring the work behind fireworks from all around the world.

Two brothers, Jessie and Jeremy Veverka have spent months researching content for their film about fireworks and the whole culture of pyrotechnics from as many different viewpoints as possible.

Recently, Epic welcomed the opportunity to offer their support to the Veverka Brothers in their exploits in detailing the ever-changing face of firework tradition.

To date, their adventure has taken them to China, Japan and more recently to the island of Java, a small island off Indonesia. They visited a small village where the resident’s entire livelihood is wholly dependent on the manufacture of small fireworks in their workshop.

The lads are passionate about pyro and we, of course, wish them the very best of luck in their endeavours.  If you would like to donate/pledge money in support of this venture. You can donate anything from $1 to as much as you can afford and each step of the way, you can take advantage of offers of items ranging from photographs of fireworks taken by professional photographers to a full VIP treatment package where you will receive full credits as Associate Producer of the film and be interviewed by the crew for inclusion in the final cut.

Jesse On Production Passfire