Where To Watch The Fireworks In London This New Years Eve

WHAT: New Years Eve Fireworks
WHERE: London
WHEN: 31st December 2011
BEST VIEWS: Waterloo Bridge, Hungerford Bridge, Westminster Bridge, Victoria Embankment.

Over the years, fireworks have played an ever growing part of the New Years Eve celebrations around the UK. We would like to highlight some of them for you.

Of course, we can start with London. Crowds of over a quarter of a million people will descend on the capital to witness what has to be recognised as one of the worlds most spectacular shows. The Mayors midnight fireworks display at the side of the Thames always attracts huge crowds with an exclusive DJ set from Radio 1s Nihal keeping the massed crowds entertained both before and after the fireworks show, starting at 10.00pm on 31st December 2011. Check out the video below from last years mega show.

Of course being pyro specialists, we are always checking for where to watch the fireworks from for the best effect.

BEST VIEWS: Waterloo Bridge, Hungerford Bridge, Westminster Bridge, Victoria Embankment. You will also get to hear the ‘Big Ben’ bongs clearly marking that midnight of the old year and welcoming in the New Year.

This event is completely free and you should ensure that if you are offered tickets, please refuse.

It will be cold, so be sure to wrap up warm and this really is a busy event and as each part of the display area fills up, it will be cordoned off so ensure that you get there early to ensure your best vantage point. Please try to remember that the display is aerial and therefore it is not necessary to be at the front!!

The display is set up on several barges on the Thames and also rigged onto the London Eye and will be fired by Kimbolton Fireworks again this year and following last Years stunning display, Boris Johnson has confirmed that this will be the best yet.

If you want further information about how to get there, click onto the following link:


Please find below further information provided by the Mayor of London and a map of the very best viewing spots for the best fireworks display in the UK, welcome the new year in with style.

new years eve  page 1

new years eve  page 1

New Year's Eve Fireworks - London 2011/12

New Year's Eve Fireworks - London 2011/12

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