What Will Get Her Off Like A Rocket?

I knew that would catch your attention….

Here at Epic, we had a call recently from a valued client at Men’s Health Magazine (October 2011 edition – page 114) asking for a rocket for an editorial piece. We never question the customer about what the item is to be used for but this time, it transpires that studies have take place in the USA regarding making sure that your girl is satisfied.

Epic Fireworks - Men's Health October 2010

The study comparing social and psychological health in connection with sexual activity of 3237 subjects showed that if you show more empathy to your partner by being more understanding of her needs out of the bedroom, you’ll get more pleasure yourself and have more orgasms. The UK populace were, needless to say, not asked to respond …the reason ….. Brit boys aren’t that fussed!! no change their then lads!!

We at Epic believe that this may also apply to fireworks … you know the one lads, you want the biggest loudest fireworks with the biggest price tag … the ladies, they want to be listened to and cherished (ughhh) so remember remember, before the 4th of November!!! You need to be nice so give her a bunch of flowers, ask her how her day went … use bribery (as many of our customers do … trailing the wife along with a visit to the showrooms here at Epic before launching themselves on Meadowhall for a little retail therapy (re-named Meadowhell by the locals) and then home with your haul to quantify how much pleasure you are going to gain from sending your latest phallic symbol (Epics Sky Thriller £14.95) into outer space on the 5th.

Look forward to seeing you soon.