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Thrills and Sorcery

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The Thrills and Sorcery 16 Piece Selection Box by Standard Fireworks is full of exciting items and is sure to leave your audience spellbound.

The selection box includes a variety of firework types, each designed to bring a unique element of wizardry, and they consist of, 8 fountains, 2 Roman candles, 1 shot tube, 2 Roman candle cakes, 2 rockets, and even a sizable mine. These magical fireworks have been assembled to create a thrilling, and diverse performance and with such a superb variation in effect type, its performance will transport you and your audience to the magical world of spells and potions.

The assortment has all manner of different colours, quieter pieces, fountains with crackling chrysanthemums, fireworks that have a few surprises in store, louder aerial bursts, and a myriad of different effect types.

The selection includes pieces like the larger Night Tide, Dark Space, and Metallic fountains which will dazzle and delight with beautiful displays of shimmering sparks, coloured stars, and glitter. Adding to a well-balanced and mesmerising display, the Stardrome shot tube will provide a huge aerial burst, Red Beryl is a fountain mine combination that will certainly keep onlookers on their toes and both the Dust Fall and Sky Chaser cakes will provide dazzling aerial performances as will the two included rockets.

In short, the Thrills and Sorcery selection box is the perfect choice for anyone who loves the thrill of fireworks and the magic of sorcery. With 257 grams of explosive content, we forecast that this assortment will be conjuring all kinds of enchantment.

Thrills and Sorcery Selection Box Specifications
Carton Quantity: 1 x Thrills and Sorcery Selection Box
Fireworks Brand: Standard Fireworks
Product Weight: 1.185kg
NEC (Net Explosive Content): 257g
Firework Dimensions: 39cm x 23cm x 6.2cm
Noise Rating: 5/10
Classification: 1.4G
Fireworks Category: F2
Safety Distance: 8 Metres