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The Pyrotechnology 204 shot compound from Klasek Fireworks has no less than 42 different effects making it easier to say what it doesn't do! Having a mix of tube size and firing pattern it excels in providing a highly assorted display and is guaranteed to have guests bowled over.

A breathless performance consumes 1500 grams of explosive content over 100 seconds and begins with a trident of red and green coco to white strobe and time rain. 'V' and 'Z' segments give peonies, dahlias, glittering and purple tipped palms mixed with spider bursts, chrysanthemums and dragon eggs. Fizzing flowers, lace effects, snow pine, brocades and willows all make an appearance adding to a rapidly increasing number of different effect type and the blended display then gives a mix of pistil bursts, palm trees and crackling clusters.

If you are after an immensely varied firework then the Pyrotechnology 204 shot compound has to be one of the most highly diverse fireworks available and is simply crammed with a motley of visual delights. Prepare to be blown away!

Pyrotechnology 204 Shot Specifications

Carton Quantity: 1 x Pyrotechnology 204
Firework Brand: Klasek Fireworks
No. of Shots: 204 
Approx Firework Duration: 100 Sec
Product Weight: 14.1kg
NEC (Net Explosive Content): 1500g
Firework Dimensions: 35cm x 66cm x 18cm
Bore Size: 20mm 30mm
Noise Rating: 9/10
Classification: 1.3G
Firework Category: F3
Safety Distance: 25 Metres