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Proper 12 Barrage Pack

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Barrages are, without doubt, the very best-selling type of firework owing to their momentous and professional-looking performances. That said, cakes can also give a whole multitude of varying effects, and the Proper Twelve barrage pack has been carefully hand-picked to ensure that the effects on offer are both hugely exciting and highly diverse.

Opening the display luscious comet tails will soar upwards and this tranquil early sequence will then give way to crackling tails and sonic spinners which both offer delightful sound, and visual, effects. Laser Cannon will follow seamlessly and provides further variety with whistling serpents, delayed crackle and glittering comets. Next, Silver Spirals will offer an amazingly unique spectacle launching red comets which burst to extremely vibrant tourbillion spinners and this cake promises to delight all with its rarely seen, and very beautiful, effect. There is still plenty more to come, flying fish join the quickly growing list of effect types to give a seldom-seen display of swimming fish that wriggle and scatter across the night sky in multiple directions. Star Charger will provide larger aerial breaks and multi-coloured coconuts will fill the sky followed by a multi-layered display from Zodiac which emits both fizzing mine lifts and chrysanthemums overhead. Further variation will flood the night as Moving Target sweeps fanned effects back and forth providing visual excitement as a thick wall of rapid-firing red, green, and crackling tipped comet tails give blue stars and champagne fizz shimmer. Following this quieter fanned section, we reintroduce a plethora of sound effects with the inclusion of our hugely popular Heavy Duty barrage. Over the course of 70 seconds, you will hear two-stage whistling, wheezing hummers and screeching noises amongst corkscrewing tails, strobing, dahlias and dragon eggs. Another classic follows and King Cobra now ejects rich red, snaking charcoal tails which loudly explode to golden brocades before the piercing sound of triple whistle sound effects are heard thrilling and delighting all. As we near the shows climax Werewolf provides increased power and gives multi-coloured spherical peonies, strobing, kaleidoscopic palms, willows and crackling clusters. Finally, Ring of Fire produces enormous sky-filling bursts courtesy of maximum sized 30mm tubes and large multicoloured bursts give crackling palms from their core whilst alternating white and pink glitter crowd the fizzing tentacles to create a truly dazzling finale.

So there you have it, we have used years of knowledge to create a pack which gives a bit of everything! Sounds include crackling, fizzing, whistling serpents, time rain, two-stage whistles, triple whistles, hummers, screechers and sonic sound effects. No other barrage pack on the market will come close to offering sound effects this diverse, and yet the variety does not end there. Visual effects are both straight and fanned firing to produce glittering, strobing, tourbillions, flying fish, coconuts, dahlias, chrysanthemums, brocades, palms, willows, peonies, dragon eggs, delayed crackle, mine lifts, corkscrewing tails, snaking tails and various comets of every description. Put simply, by purchasing this barrage pack, you guarantee yourself an exceedingly diverse display.

Suggested firing order:

1st - Laser Duel
2nd - Laser Cannon
3rd - Silver Spirals
4th - Flying Fish
5th - Star Charger
6th - Zodiac
7th - Moving Target
8th - Heavy Duty
9th - King Cobra
10th -Triple Whistle
11th - Werewolf
12th - Ring of Fire

For an even greater finale, and for those more able, Moving Target and Ring of Fire when lit together would really create a strong ending, providing both wide fanned effects and multi-layered performance.

This barrage pack also comes with free safety portfires and safety goggles.

Proper 12 Barrage Kit Specifications
Carton Weight: 15.2kg
NEC (Net Explosive Content): 2.1g
Dimensions: 55cm x 24cm x 37cm
No. of Fireworks: 12
Vertical or Fan: Vertical and Fan
Noise Rating: 8/10
Classification: 1.3G
Firework Category: F3
Safety Distance: 25 Metres