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Mystical Fire

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Behold the captivating magic of Mystical Fire, a spellbinding product which when used transforms an ordinary fire into a dazzling display of kaleidoscopic dancing flames.

Mystical Fire is sold in individual sachets, and these unopened packets can be simply thrown into a fire for unbelievably dramatic and captivating results. Almost instantly flames will begin to turn dazzling shades of green, blue, purple, pink and red and combined produce a light show reminiscent of the Northern Lights.

Lasting for approximately 40 minutes the reaction intensifies as it burns and by burning numerous sachets at once the effect can be strengthened even further.

Add a touch of magic to your evening celebrations and prepare to be hypnotized by unspeakable beauty.

Mystical Fire Specification
Carton Quantity: 1 x Mystical Fire
Brand: Mystical Fireworks
Approximate Duration: 40 Minutes Plus
Sachet Dimensions: 10cm x 6cm
Noise Rating: 0/10
Safety Distance: Outdoor Use Only