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Insomnia 253 Shot

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Insomnia is an outstanding 253-shot compound firework from the award-winning Vivid Pyrotechnics brand and provides a hugely diverse 2-minute display from lighting just one single fuse.

Springing into action, overlapping straight-firing shots are catapulted at breakneck speed to produce a frenzied mass of colossal palm bursts, which produce popcorn-like fizzing tentacles, amongst a wash of red strobing stars followed by a second sequence with green strobing stars. Shifting up a gear, Insomnia then V-fires red comets to create a wide spread of vibrant colour, and these burst into lucid crossettes which split into four to provide a captivating spectacle above graceful blinking waterfalls which majestically hang in the sky. Next, dirty golden comet tails rise to golden charcoal willows, with accompanying red strobe glitter, before a second and third rapid salvo produce green then white blink effects. A W-firing arrangement then follows, and bushy-tailed thick silver comet tails frame central red and blue dahlias. Red strobing comets then burst to vast gold brocade crowns, enhanced by golden pistol cores and red strobe tips, and then white strobing comets give time rain palms and green strobe. Really filling the sky, a sweeping volley of ten blazing orange pearls launch upon golden tiger tails, and a bank of ten red crossettes then fire concurrently. A similar pattern follows with white pearl stars, and this time a bank of ten foaming palms illuminate the night whilst they reach far and wide. An army of sizzling spiders then swamp the night, with both glitter and popping chrysanthemum tendrils, whilst displaying stunning purple, gold, green, red, silver and orange colours. Nearing its finale ten golden willows fire simultaneously, whilst red lace ghosting appears, and for its final send off huge golden brocades break en-masse.

With a huge assortment of effect types, and firing patterns, this firework provides a dazzling display with ease, whilst its professional-grade performance and premium colour palette ooze both class and sophistication. Insomnia produces gigantic burst sizes courtesy of both 25 and 30mm tubes and consumes a hefty 3950 grams of explosive content, making it near impossible to beat! You certainly won't be disappointed!

Insomnia 253 Shot Compound Specifications

Carton Quantity: 1 x Insomnia
Firework Brand: Vivid Pyrotechnics
No. of Shots: 253 
Approx Firework Duration: 120 Sec
Product Weight: 30kg
NEC (Net Explosive Content): 3950g
Firework Dimensions: 80cm x 25cm x 48cm
Bore Size: 25mm and 30mm
Vertical or Fan: Fan and Vertical
Noise Rating: 9/10
Classification: 1.3G
Firework Category: F3
Safety Distance: 25 Metres