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Epic Party In A Box

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The Epic Party In A Box is perfect for smaller back garden firework displays and will provide great entertainment for children and adults alike.

Suggested firing order-

1st - Family Selection Box
2nd - Silver Fountain
3rd - Halo Fountain
4th - Star Shower Fountain
5th - Fantasia Fountain
6th - Laser Ice
7th - Laser Cannon
8th - Laser Duel
9th - Laser Fire
10th - Silver Spirals
11th - Gold Rush Mines (Silver then Gold)
12th - Sorcery
13th - Linebacker
14th - Zodiac
15th - Heavy Duty

(Sparklers should be lit before or after the display and rockets can be used sporadically throughout for visual diversity)

This huge assortment of fireworks begins with a traditional selection box which includes a range of Roman candles, fountains, rockets, a wheel and a pair of missile cakes. Following these 23 items, are 4 much larger fountains and our Silver conical fountain gives superb height whilst hinting at greater things to come. The Halo fountain emits multicoloured stars, chrysanthemums and popping dandelions amidst golden sparks and crackling clusters. Our Star Shower conical fountain adds great diversity with golden sparks and exciting popping sounds. Next, we suggest lighting Fantasia, a fountain mine combination which lasts 60 seconds in duration. Quieter spells of silver primrose are swamped by huge, towering columns of crackling clusters, and these sudden outbursts are extremely exciting. Having had a glimpse of larger effects, the display then turns from ground based performances to aerial items and Laser Ice emits comets and crackling mine effects before tranquil comets quietly tower upwards whilst strobing. Following, Laser Cannon gives spinning multicoloured comets, which lift upon glittering tails, and whistling serpents snake upwards producing squealing sounds. Similar in size, Laser Duel produces super bright pink stars followed by golden crackling comets before sonic spinners both twist and turn. Finally, Laser Fire, the fourth cake in this range of smaller barrages, fires simultaneous shots at a lively and frantic pace, really filling the sky with colour. Following, Silver Spirals will offer a brief quiet spell, and vibrant silver tourbillion spinners give a truly magical display. At this point, we suggest lighting the pair of Gold Rush mines, and these powerful fireworks give an ear-piercing whistle before erupting spectacular effects high into the night sky. Nearing the shows final stages, Sorcery will provide crackling mines, large green tipped silver palms and a final salvo of time rain before Linebacker emits rarer lemon and purple coloured peonies. Zodiac erupts mine lifts beneath sky-filling red, white, green and blue coloured bursts to delayed crackling clusters and for the shows finale Heavy Duty will ensure that the display ends on a mighty high! This multi-effect barrage ejects a plethora of diverse effects and, over the course of 70 seconds, will amaze and delight in many ways. Silent ruby red glittering comets offer calm before the storm and joyful whistles then break to large peonies and dragon eggs. Other sound effects include sonic hummers and two-stage whistling, which provide a treat for both the eyes and ears, before a large inbuilt finale fires numerous shots simultaneously to give a very distinctive end to a lengthy and impressively assorted display.

When combined with the additional 1.3g rocket packs, this hand-picked collection of fireworks offers effects, colours and sounds of every kind. Guests will be constantly engaged by the hugely diverse results and 10 sparklers are also included for reliving happy childhood memories.

Epic Party In A Box Specifications
Carton Quantity: 1 x Epic Party In A Box
Product Weight: 12.5kg
NEC (Net Explosive Content): 2551g
Firework Dimensions: 65cm x 33cm x 14cm 
Noise Rating: 7/10
Classification: 1.3G 
Safety Distance: 25 Metres