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Epic Mini Barrage Box

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Don't be fooled by the smaller size of these barrages. This hand-picked assortment punches well above its weight and offers phenomenal value whilst also boasting a hugely diverse range of mixed effects.

Suggested firing order:

1st - Laser Ice
2nd - Laser Cannon
3rd - Laser Duel
4th - Laser Fire
5th - Eclipse
6th - Silver Spirals
7th - Star Charger

Our suggested firing order begins with Laser Ice and vivid red-tipped comets soar to impressive heights upon a wide shower of trailing sparks. Mine effects emit crackling, the first of many sound effects, and then tranquil comets quietly tower upwards whilst strobing. Snaking serpents give a final shrieking send-off, and this small but mighty barrage certainly kicks things off in style.

Next, Laser Cannon catapults spinning multicoloured comets upon glittering tails. This tranquil sequence is then disturbed as whistling serpents snake upwards, producing squealing whines that will amuse and delight.

Laser Duel produces super bright pink stars followed by golden crackling comets before green star comets create huge columns of light and sonic spinners then twist and turn. You won't believe that such an array of varied effects leave a barrage of this size.

Laser Fire follows and straight from the off fires simultaneous shots at a lively and frantic pace, really filling the sky with colour. Amidst a mass of different effects, spinners give sonic sound effects and families will love its swirling comets which proudly whistle. Falling leaves majestically fall back towards Earth, and it ends with a salvo of glittering comets and dragon egg crackles.

Following the first half of this firework display, unique sound effects and unusual visuals are replaced by barrages boasting more power, and Eclipse fills the night sky with large multicoloured palm bursts which break with a real thud and hang incredibly well.

Silver Spirals, one of our all-time favourites provides calm before the storm and, just before the show's finale, red comets launch upon glittering golden tails before bursting to extremely vibrant silver tourbillion spinners. This magical display is utterly captivating, and its low volume will lull spectators into a false sense of security before lighting the display's final firework.

Star Charger emits kaleidoscopic coco bursts and fires at a superb pace to produce overlapping visuals. With good volume and break sizes it ends a well-rounded display on a high.

Guaranteed to thrill viewers of all ages this inexpensive barrage pack contains a myriad of mixed-effects at very little expense.

Epic Mini Barrage Box Specifications
No. of Shots: 192
Product Weight: 3.6kg
NEC (Net Explosive Content): 0.58g
Carton Dimensions: 32cm x 23cm x 13.5cm
No. of Fireworks: 7
Vertical or Fan: Vertical 
RRP: £99.99
Noise Rating: 7/10
Classification: 1.3G
Firework Category: F3
Safety Distance: 25 Metres