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Fireworks Show 252 Shot

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Another huge 1.3g compound from Klasek Fireworks.

The fireworks show 252 fires its shots both vertically and fanned.

It has a multitude of massive effects including Brocades, Palms, Pistols, Strobes, Dragon tails etc. Finishing with some beautiful falling and lingering willows.

With 20 different vibrant and stunning colours and effects, this is bound to be a real crowd-pleaser.

It is the perfect show in a box.

Fireworks Show 252 Compound Cake Specifications
Carton Quantity: 1 x Fireworks Show 252 Compound Barrage
Firework Brand: Klasek Fireworks
No. of Shots: 252 
Approx Firework Duration: 120 Sec 
Product Weight: 13kg
NEC (Net Explosive Content): 1994g
Firework Dimensions: 42cm x 64.5cm x 17cm 
Bore Size: 20mm
Vertical or Fan: Vertical and Fan
Noise Rating: 8/10
Classification: 1.3G
Firework Category: F3
Safety Distance: 25 Metres