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Firing Order

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At Epic Fireworks we believe in giving our customers the ultimate fireworks experience.

Every display we provide should be of the highest quality and we want you and everybody watching your display to have the best possible experience.

That is why we go to extra lengths to ensure that your fireworks display runs smoothly. So, besides supplying you with the best fireworks available to buy in the UK, how else can we maximise your fireworks experience? By providing you with a full and comprehensive firing order. 

Every display pack we sell comes with a complete firing order. Firing order is a guide to what firework to light, and when to light it. We tell you the exact optimum sequence and durations of all the fireworks in your pack. So all you have to do is light them. 

We have tried and tested every firework we sell to the limit and using our display knowledge we give you what we believe to be the best possible order to light your fireworks in. 

Of course, you may prefer different effects and colours to us. So we encourage you to watch the videos of the fireworks you have and create your own firing order, its great fun to do and it's really good to familiarise yourself with the fireworks before the big display. 

Try it for yourself, or trust us to give you a terrific display. Either way, we want you to have the most fun and best time you have ever had with fireworks. If you create your own firing order that you really like, let us know and we may even put it here for everybody to see!