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Single Chinese Lantern

Current price £2.45
Original price (WAS £4.99)

These great Chinese lanterns are safe to use and an excellent addition to any birthday, wedding, party, or even funeral. So peaceful and tranquil they really are impressive to watch and even more impressive when set off in large numbers.

The lanterns are flame retardant and fully biodegradable and use a safe solid fuel cell. Open the lantern and fill with air. Light the fuel cell and wait until the sides of the lantern get warm and the lantern starts to pull upwards. Release the glowing lantern and watch it soar to hundreds of feet. Once the fuel cell has expired after about 20 minutes of flying time, the lantern gently falls back down to earth.

This is a great and innovative product that is popular all across the world and known by various names, glow lanterns, the magic lantern, the sky lantern, the Chinese lantern, and its proper name Khoom Fay.

Whatever you call it, this is one of the best new products in recent years and should set your party off with a serene, beautiful, and unusual twist.

Lantern Specifications
Approx Duration: 20 Minutes
Lantern Dimensions: 58 cm x 103 cm
Noise Rating: 0/10