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Titanium Firework Fountain

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Titanium Fountain is a premium firework from Black Cat's Gold Collection. This range has an emphasis on high quality and Titanium Fountain certainly fits that bill!

A powerful blue flame gleams with intensity at the fireworks base whilst incredibly abundant silver sparks stream above. Soaring high above both of these effects is a third layer of golden flowers and these reach truly staggering heights.

This is a very elegant, single effect fountain with a duration of 60 seconds. Lacking any crackle or other loud noise it's a quiet fountain and ideal for those seeking low volume fireworks.

Titanium Fountain Specifications
Carton Quantity: 1 x Titanium Fountain 
Firework Brand: Black Cat Fireworks
Approx Duration: 60 Sec
Product Weight: kg
NEC (Net Explosive Content): g
Firework Dimensions: cm x cm x cm
Noise Rating: 2/10
Classification: 1.4G
Firework Category: F2
Safety Distance: 8 Metres