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Funke Fermata 25A 25 shot

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High-Performance brand Funke is notorious for packing the most powder permitted into each shot and you can tell when you fire it.

Its rapid volleys of 5 shots at a time produce sky breaking effects featuring green, gold, purple, silver and blue. With varied effects such as Willows, brocades, pearl stars and salutes it's a hard-hitting visual feast. 

This professional-looking firework is as mighty as they come. 

Funke Fermata 25A Specifications

Carton Quantity: 1 x Funke Fermata 25A
Firework Brand: Funke Fireworks
No. of Shots: 25 
Approx Firework Duration: 17 Sec
Product Weight: 3.5kg
NEC (Net Explosive Content): 500g
Firework Dimensions: 18.5cm x 18.5cm x 22cm
Bore Size: 30mm
Noise Rating: 9/10
Classification: 1.3G
Firework Category: F3
Safety Distance: 25 Metres