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Silver Spirals 16 Shot

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Silver Spirals is a low noise, single effect cake which offers a very distinctive and seldom seen effect.

This unique firework launches red comets upon glittering gold tails and these 16 shots burst to extremely vibrant silver tourbillion spinners.

Silver Spirals will add superb variety to any display, would be sublime if fired in multiples and will delight guests without upsetting your neighbours.

Silver Spirals Specifications
Carton Quantity: 1 x Silver Spirals
Firework Brand: Epic Fireworks
No. of Shots: 16 
Approx Firework Duration: 25 Sec
Product Weight: 0.622kg
NEC (Net Explosive Content): 99.2g
Firework Dimensions: 10cm x 10cm x 12cm 
Bore Size: 20mm
Noise Rating: 3/10
Classification: 1.4G
Firework Category: F2
Safety Distance: 8 Metres

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