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Fire Snake 100 Shot

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A classic fast firing “pen lid top” missile barrage from Epic Fireworks.

Fire Snake features a rapid flurry of 100 whistles that crackle and pop into the night sky.

This makes for a very noisy firework which is fantastic value for money.

Fire Snake Specifications
Carton Quantity: 1 x Fire Snake
Firework Brand: Epic Fireworks
No. of Shots: 100
Approx Duration: 20 Sec
Product Weight: 389g
NEC (Net Explosive Content): 54g
Dimensions: 7cm x 10.5cm x 10.5cm
Bore Size: 8mm 
Noise Rating: 7/10
Classification: 1.4G
Firework Category: F2
Safety Distance: 8 Metres

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