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World's Toughest Jobs: Pyrotechnician

World's Toughest Jobs: Pyrotechnician

This youtube video shows just how difficult it is to hand fire a show. It is evident from the outset that like most people the mental image of the job of a pyrotechnician is an easy one which this footage clearly dispels.

As the narrator points out, the problem is that unless the timing is spot on, there will be a lot of ‘dark sky’ moments that lose the audience's attention.

Curt was more than aware that he had to ensure that he got his pace up to speed to be sure to fire the display for the public. His concerns were very real when you consider that fireworks move at over 200 miles an hour and they burn too!

In the end, the show was lovely if a little ‘off pace’ but it really highlighted first hand how dangerous the job of a pro-firer really is.

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