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World Cube Selection Box from Cube Fireworks

Cube Fireworks used to have a reputation for some of the best fireworks in the UK. This is no better illustrated than with their exceptional selection box, the World Cube.

We like it so much we took 2 photos

No. of pieces ------------ 20

Type of contents ------- fountain, barrages, roman candles, Catherine wheel

Typical duration ------- 20 minutes

This box contains 20 high-quality fireworks including some incredible small barrages. The quality of these fireworks is reflected in the price, £125 is a lot of money for a selection box, but we feel that it is justified here for the level of performance expected from this fantastic selection. Favourites from this box include the Italian Chic a beautiful mine barrage with electric colours and the incredible Roman Ruins barrage with its large and loud shots.

This is a selection box to be reckoned with, all over the world!


Above you can see the World Cube box in pride of place on the Epic Fireworks showroom wall.

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