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In the film Independence Day, Will Smith saved planet Earth from alien invasion and, 25 years after the film's release, Will saves Independence Day fireworks which were due to be cancelled.

New Orleans typically celebrates the Fourth of July by hosting a firework display from the Mississippi Riverfront however last year COVID-19 meant that the annual display had to be cancelled.

This year lack of funding meant that firework celebrations were due to be revoked again, and in a kind gesture from Will Smith he gifted the city with fireworks worth an estimated $100,000.

Will Smith has been spending a lot of time in New Orleans whilst working on his latest film, 'Emancipation'. When learning of New Orleans inability to secure funding, Will was quick to offer the entire amount, and this patriotic action is thought to have brought joy to thousands of people.

The New Orleans firework display is famous for its duelling barges, and a duo of boats fire two displays simultaneously. Although views are spectacular from large sections of the riverfront, special cruises offer an even heightened experience, and the fireworks illuminate to the sound of patriotic music.

With a net-worth of approximately $350 million, Will is one of the richest actors in the World, and it would seem that he is very happy to spread this wealth.

Never has the saying 'Where there's a Will, there's a way' been more fitting!

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