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Will Fireworks Work in the Rain?

Will Fireworks Work in the Rain?

Let's be honest, it gets pretty wet in the UK in winter. Which means there's no guarantee that the night you've got planned for your firework display will be a dry one, so you're probably wondering if fireworks will work in the rain.

Fireworks, with their stunning displays of light and sound, often light up the sky on festive occasions, but what happens when the weather doesn't cooperate? What happens when it rains and will your fireworks still deliver their spectacle?

How Rain Affects Fireworks

Fireworks, meticulously crafted with a mix of chemicals and designed to combust at specific altitudes, can be impacted by adverse weather conditions.

Rainfall does pose challenges due to the potential moisture absorption by the pyrotechnic composition and waterlogged fireworks might fail to ignite or lose their intended brilliance and impact.

The dampened fuses could also result in erratic timing or misfires, affecting the overall display. BUT, that doesn't mean you have to cancel your firework display if the weather forecast says rain.

Factors to Consider

Firework Type: Different fireworks may respond differently to rain. Ground-based fireworks like fountains, mines and barrages can function better compared to aerial fireworks such as rockets.

Firework Quality: Higher-quality fireworks can withstand rain better due to superior construction and protective measures.

Intensity of Rain: Light drizzles might not significantly impact fireworks, but heavy rainfall can hinder their performance. So if it's raining cats and dogs, it may be best to postpone your display to another day, or at least until the worst of the shower has passed.

Tips for Using Fireworks in the Rain

Dry Storage: Storing fireworks in a dry place before you use them stops water damage.

Wrap Your Fireworks: A surefire way to keep your fireworks protected and in peak condition in the rain is to wrap them in clingfilm. This will stop any moisture from the rain, or condensation from the plastic sheeting, getting into the firework.

Before you wrap your firework up make sure the fuse is clearly visible and accessible. 

Wrap the firework AND the fuse in clingfilm in advance of your display and they will be ready to go when you are.

Use Portfires for Lighting: Portfires are perfect for lighting your fireworks in the rain as they will work in any condition. They will also easily burn through the clingfilm and light your fuse without you having to unwrap the firework. Making it quick and easy to light your fireworks in the middle of a rain shower.

Professional Display: Looking to put on a real show? Consider calling in a professional pyrotechnician as they will use specialised techniques and tools to mitigate rain-related risks in larger events.

Rain Doesn't Have to Stop Play

While rain can affect the performance of fireworks, your display can still be a memorable event if you take care of your fireworks, keeping them dry before and during your display.

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