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Here at Epic, we sell a wide range of fireworks, from exciting garden fireworks to some of the biggest rockets you’ve ever seen!

We have customers visit us from up and down the UK, to take advantage of our undeniably brilliant collection deals, and get more bang for their buck, (literally.)

One of the best deals you can get from us here at Epic, is to go for one of our pre-made DIY firework kits. We have many different options to choose from, staring at £324 for the wonderful After Midnight Pack and Conspiracy Pack, all the way up to the mind-blowing Ultimate Bonfire Pack, and so many more in-between!

The best part of these packs? If you were to buy all these fireworks individually, you would be much further out of pocket. When selling these Packs, we can provide a massive discount on the price of each firework, providing great value for money and saving you money on every single firework!

In some cases, the difference between purchasing fireworks individually versus buying the same fireworks as a pack can be up to £600!

It’s also important to remember, that fireworks do not have an expiry date! Meaning if you’re after the best value, but do not wish to use all the fireworks at once, you don’t have to! Store your leftover fireworks in a cool & dry location, and you’ll be good to go for your next special occasion! Click here to see our FAQ blog where storage is explained in a little more detail.

Another bonus of these packs? If you are local to us (or if you are up for a road trip!) we provide collection freebies with each purchase of a DIY pack in store, or alternatively, order a pack online and select collection at checkout to also claim your collection freebies.

The packs also have a fantastic variety of fireworks, meaning you’ll have something for any occasion, fast firing barrages, extra large rockets, fanned barrages are just some of the products included in our packs.

Each DIY kit comes with a recommended firing order, with our suggestions on how to make the most of the pack you have. Our packs also come with safety portfires included, as well as safety goggles and rocket firing tubes, to ensure everyone is safe & happy during your display!

If you have any questions about our packs, feel free to get in touch, and a member of our team will be happy to help!

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