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Why Epic

E - epic fireworks
P - passionate about pyro
I - informed on all products
C - complete satisfaction guaranteed

F - fireworks purchased
I - in confidence every time
R - reassuring staff
E - extraordinary prices
W - we go the extra mile
O - operational 7-days a week
R - reward loyalty
K - keen to support our local area
S - superb service

So, if you are looking for fireworks for a family event, a birthday, wedding or anniversary, give us a call. If you are putting on a small public event and would like to have the planning, timings and safety brief ready for you to go, pop along to see us.

We sell to both the general public and to businesses and the prices remain half of the RRP.

We endeavour to bring in new and innovative products every year and this year will be no exception. Keep your eyes on our website for more details for the fantastic new for 2012 products including Screaming Spiders II and the awesome Light Waves which will be a great addition to any display or a standalone item.

If you would like to ask a question about anything pyro related, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can do this by telephone, email or via twitter or facebook.

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