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White Christmas and New Year In Russia

White Christmas and New Year In Russia

Looking ahead at the weather, it is highly unlikely that the UK will be having a white Christmas or even a smattering of snow for the New Year, unless you live in the very North of Scotland or at the top of Ben Nevis! However, if you want to guarantee a festive scene to wake up to on Christmas Morning then head for Moscow.

Snow cover in Russia hangs around for about three months of the year usually from November to April getting as deep as 25 cm (about ten inches) between December and January. Cost wise, the exchange rate is very favorable; for example a McDonald’s meal in Moscow costs £3.25 so not much difference from home. Alcohol is well priced as are meals, a three course meal for 2 averages around £25.

Now a very cosmopolitan city there are over 5000 westernized clubs pubs and restaurants in Moscow and with one of the world’s biggest fireworks displays held annually for their New Year’s Eve celebrations, it is rapidly become a popular destination for stag parties, hen do’s and of course; romantic getaways.

Many of the hotels and clubs try to outdo each other by attempting to throw the biggest party, most including fireworks so expect a lot of festive cheer and some interesting pyrotechnics. The best parties are usually ticketed but include food and drinks, the more popular ones such as Electrosvet, Bar Belka, GQ Bar, Rai, Kino and Propaganda all offer great entertainment, good prices and a party atmosphere to rival the best.

Red Square on New Year’s Eve resembles Trafalgar or Times Square as it seems the whole of Moscow flocks here to let in the New Year. Of course having the stunning architecture of St Basils Cathedral as a backdrop to the fireworks, it is a sight worth seeing. Just a few minutes away along the banks of the Moskva River (aka Moscow River) you will find romantic quiet areas to watch the fireworks from but wrap up.

Today the temperature in Moscow is -3c which is the average for this time of year but is expected to drop to -5 over the next couple of days. The record low for the area was a staggering -38 which explains why Muscovites are usual pictured in ankle length fur coats and big fluffy hats.

A little known fact is that Russians love to party and are a friendly bunch of people so if you are one of the many wanting to try a new experience, make new friends, have a memorable break and not have to buy tickets to see fireworks book a flight now.

In the meantime enjoy the fireworks from last year’s celebrations.

С Рождеством и Новым годом от эпических фейерверков
S Rozhdestvom i Novym godom ot epicheskikh feyyerverkovv

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