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Where to watch the fireworks in LONDON – New Years

WHAT: New Years Eve Fireworks
WHERE: London
WHEN: 31st December 2010 - Click here for London 31st December 2011

BEST VIEWS: Waterloo Bridge, Hungerford Bridge, Westminster Bridge, Victoria Embankment.

It’s almost that time again, the London New Years Eve display is one of the best in the world and this year promises to be another incredible display with the usual pyrotechnic mastery around the London Eye Wheel.

There are great views all over the city, but where is the best place to see the fireworks?

The Waterloo Bridge, Hungerford Bridge and Westminster Bridge have excellent views and will be available for the public to view from but you gotta get there early as public access is restricted after 8pm.

The best place to watch the firework display is the Victoria Embankment but that will fill up very quickly as people vie for the best spot. We recommend getting there very early and wrapping up very very warmly. This is set to be a very cold night and even with about 750,000 other spectators around you, it’s going to get nippy.

The good people of London have made sure transport home from the fireworks will be free, with trams buses and underground travel for all to make sure everyone gets home safely.

The show is normally set off from several large barges on the Thames River and accompanied by cleverly rigged fireworks from the Wheel itself. Indeed the London Eye Wheel has become the focal point of the New Years Eve displays over the past decade and it is generally safe to assume if you can see it, you will see the show.

This year will also see the use of music with the fireworks to create a pyromusical event. This is the first time this is being tried for the New Year Fireworks in London and should prove to be popular.

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