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Where Can I Buy Fireworks

More Epic Fireworks Customers :)

If you are looking for top quality fireworks at the best prices in Yorkshire, then look no further.

Epic fireworks specialise in all things pyro and we can help you with every area of your display. We including with every display pack a firing order, set up and safety plan and are happy to talk you through every aspect of your fireworks display.

We have specialist technicians on site who can help you every step of the way. So whether you are spending £295.00 on the fantastic Conspiracy DIY display pack or are having a full on party with the spectacular Ultimate Bonfire at £2000.00 or any of the packs in between, we provide you with everything you need.

These are all our current display packs and their respective performance time:

• Conspiracy - £295.00 – 10 minutes
• Black Powder – £295.00 – 15 minutes
• After Midnight - £295.00 – 7/10 minutes
• King James - £395.00 – 15 minutes
• 36 Barrels - £395.00 – 20 minutes
• Band Of Gold - £395.00 – 7-10 minutes
• Big Ben - £495.00 – 15 minutes
• A New Dawn - £495.00 – 10 minutes
• Vendetta -£595.00 – 15 minutes – High Performance
• Rebellion - £695.00 - 20 minutes
• Revenge of the Guy - £795.00 – 15 minutes non-stop performance
• Champagne - £895.00 – 12-15 minutes non-stop performance
• Legend - £995.00 – 15 minutes high performance
• HD&Q - £1295.00 – 15 minutes non stop
• Giant Bonfire - £1500.00 – 20 minutes non-stop – very high performance
• Ultimate Bonfire - £2000.00 – 20 minutes non-stop super high performance – WOW

So, as you can no doubt see, there is a massive selection of packs to choose from for delivery anywhere in the UK mainland. These are classified as Consumer Display fireworks and can be fired by any responsible adult.

There have been any number of times where a client has bought a pack for the first time for a display and having done it once, they realised its really not that difficult to do.

All that remains now is for you to order your pack. You can do this either by telephoning us on 01226 749587 any day between 8:00am and 5:00pm or you can order via the Internet. You will receive an email confirming the order has been received and we will contact you with the delivery date and then the courier will be in touch within an hour or so of delivery to let you know that they are in your immediate area.

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