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When is a firework not a firework?

When is a firework not a firework?

The debate rages on over whether these are actually fireworks or just really good smoke bombs. It's an interesting point. What makes a firework... a firework? Surely there are some things that a firework must have to be a firework, for example, fire.

I think anything that is nice to look at and requires a flame to get it going is pretty much a firework. Of course, this does not count when you are talking about campfires or birthday candles. There has to be a bit of gunpowder in there somewhere and a bang or two always goes down well. Seriously though how do you define a firework?

The Epic Fireworks Fireworks Glossary defines a firework as :

- A device that is designed to be burned or ignited in order to yield a visible and/or audio effect.

There you have it, folks. Indisputable evidence that daytime fireworks are indeed fireworks and not merely fancy smoke machines. Another argument solved by Epic Fireworks - The UK's home of Fireworks.

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