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What Makes Your Bonfire Party Go With A Bang?

my bear wants this one daddy

There are a number of theories about the bang factor … what makes it the best? Duration? light and sound? or just the fear factor? Could it in fact be a combination of all of the above? There is only two things certain about a fireworks display, it is always personal to the individual and we have got it covered at Epic.

Here at Epic, we are currently enjoying the weather and our fears that the weather may impact on visitors has been blown away yesterday following our busiest day this season. From first thing to late evening, there have been visitors from as far away as Oxford, Liverpool and Bristol and locally from Chapeltown (Sheffield and Leeds), Barnsley and Wakefield. The choices vary from person to person because whether or not the display is for yourself or a local display, for the most part the selection historically has included a DIY display pack and the additions are what make the display unique.

For example, the Guido’s pack at £99.00 includes a fabulous selection of fireworks and adding some finale pieces will make it that little more special. We would recommend with this adding an extra typhoon twister, a silver spirals (so that they can be lit in pairs as there are one of each in the Guidos pack) and a thunderous finale totalling £165.85 including VAT.

If you are on a limited budget, it is still possible to put on a small garden display. If you get one of the smaller ‘selection box’ packs and again add a couple of larger items for the finale, you will still end up with a top notch display. I would recommend the Cabaret Box at £18.00 with an Action Zone £8.10 and the Mad Moth at £7.45 for the finale – totalling just £33.55 an excellent selection which has a recommended retail price of £79.97 – yes, half price.

Alternatively, the ‘Super Star’ selection box is just £3.24 and top up with a pack of cinder cones at only £1.80 add a pack of bazooka bombs £2.16 and the finale piece of a small but powerful king cobra barrage at £7.45, you have a brilliant display for £14.65 including VAT (collection only) the total cost of the rrp of this selection is £34.96 representing a saving of £20.00.

So if you want a definite deal in Doncaster, a saving in Sheffield or a Bargain in Barnsley, pop along to our showroom, open 7-days a week 9.00am to 5.00pm.

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