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Portfires, sometimes known as Firework Lighters, are a device specifically made to easily light fuses regardless of weather. These should not be confused for 'Lighting Wicks' or 'Tapers', often found in selection boxes, and are in fact worlds apart in terms of efficiency.

Our high-quality Epic branded Portfires are 30cm in length and the handheld devices are filled with a slow-burning composition which will burn in excess of 4 minutes. Once lit, an intense flame gives a windproof flare, and this strong ignition source will continue to burn regardless of wind or rain.

Much more efficient than a cigarette lighter, BBQ lighter or chef's torch, many professionals favour Portfires and ours are sold in a packet of 4 which will provide around 16 minutes of reliable use.

Essential for any display, our Portfires immediately light fuse with ease whilst eliminating any worry or stress associated with using other inferior lighting devices.

Another advantage of Portfires is their inexpensive cost. A packet of 4 Firework Lighters is just 98p, and therefore we consider them to be a must-have item.

Finally, the length of a Portfire will increase the user's safety in comparison to other devices which require the user to get much nearer to a fireworks fuse. When held at arm's length, you can instantly light a firework, and the strong flame is sufficient to illuminate the area surrounding it.

It is worth noting that Portfires can occasionally spit out hot sparks and therefore should always be held in a gloved hand.

In conclusion, Portfires are an inexpensive, windproof ignition source and will offer an extremely efficient flame for at least 4 full minutes. At less than £1 for a packet of 4 they give spectacular results and are used by professional display teams up and down the country. Once you have used these Firework Lighters, we promise that you'll never look back!

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