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that is a huge display

I know it is a long shot but there are people who live ‘darn sarth (down south in non Yorkshire speak) who wish to buy fireworks for a small display but cannot make it all the way to see us in Sheffield.

If you are one of the hundreds of people who would like to achieve the same effect but are unable to come over to meet us, we work closely with a supplier in Loughton Essex who stocks a number of items from the Epic range who will be able to do you a really good deal if you can go into the store. Newsbox Fireworks, run by Raj holds a good range of fireworks but some will need to be ordered so pop online beforehand.

Raj and his staff are always happy to help and Raj himself knows a lot about fireworks, so he's the man to ask if you need any specific advice. Most newsagents concentrate on a single brand for commercial reasons, Newsbox takes the other angle and offers a pick of the best from many diverse labels. Cosmic, Golden Lion, Fireworks International, Bright Star, Kimbolton, Shogun, Shellscape, Vulcan and more, they were all here! And not just any firework from each brand, Newsbox are stocked to the teeth with Best Buy and Recommended items from the best pyro available.

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