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What A Year Its Been :)

It has been an odd one, hasn't it? With the start of the Year being very cold and rain … well, what can I say – another hosepipe ban must be in the offing.

We have been incredibly busy all year and unusually so. We began the year with the Chinese New Year celebrations and orders came in from all over the Country. Orders were rich and varied but overall, we can say with confidence that the Chinese Community certainly knows a thing or two about having a party.

Next in the calendar was Valentine’s day. The mainstay of the orders was naturally the stunning Love Heart rocket but there were a number of unusual orders too – 6 machines, for Valentine's day .. really??!!

On from that, was a multitude of orders for Birthdays, Anniversaries and a smattering of Spring Weddings. The number of customers who are prepared to fire their own display for a wedding nowadays has grown massively and their confidence continues to grow.

We had a customer on his way down from York to Dorset for his sister's wedding. He came in a massive motor-home with the rest of his family remaining seated in comfort inside the vehicle. I offered a drink but this was respectfully declined. I then found out that whilst stood, they had made a drink and a sandwich and were having a lovely time. Initially, the customer had been given a list of fireworks recommendations by his brother but he soon changed his mind when he saw the range of goodies on offer and eventually went with a First Dance pack. Off to Dorset, he went.

We received an email a couple of days later from him saying that his sister was overwhelmed by the beautiful display they had put on as a surprise and he was highly delighted with the products.

Then the year moved on a little and we prepared for the forthcoming Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. We created a new pack especially for this auspicious occasion which reflected the red, white and blue colours of the Union Flag and we had orders in their hundreds from all over the country. The uptake was staggering as we realised just how loved HRH Queen Elizabeth really is.

July arrived and so did competitors in their thousands for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London 2012. The opening ceremony, of course, was spectacular and the fireworks supplied by Kimbolton Fireworks were breathtaking as we have come to expect.

And finally, the Bonfire Night season started. From the first order on 1st August to date, it has been constant and busier than in any other year. Having brought any number of pieces into the UK this year, there has been more interest than ever in the Epic brand. We have a new Sky Thriller rocket which blows every other rocket away with its staggering effects and the length of time it hangs in the air all the way to the massive boom as it explodes high in the sky above.

We are a really friendly bunch and we continue to offer excellent products and service to all our customers. We look forward to seeing those of you who have not yet been over to see us and to those who have been, thank you once again.

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