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Weston Park Ball Goes With A Bang

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As you can imagine, we are inundated with requests to support local charitable events and we have this year chosen Weston Park Cancer hospital trust. Weston Park Hospital, Sheffield, is one of only four dedicated cancer treatment centres in the Country in its treatment of and research into cancer.

One of our staff members was asked to donate his time to DJ for the event and we donated over £1000 worth of fireworks to help the Charity reach their £1.3 million targets for the building of a new state of the art cancer treatment and research suite. They have received total donations for their ‘Do Your Bit’ campaign in the region of £350,000.00.

The fireworks pack raised £301.50 towards the cost and we were delighted that we were able to help. The winner, by a stroke of fate, was a regular at Epic Fireworks and was delighted to have won this marvellous pack, particularly as he was already aware that the quality of the products he had won is indeed second to none.


The night was filled with music and laughter and a great time was had by all. If you want to get involved in raising money for this marvellous cause, contact the trust directly via their website:

iron mike tyson framed prints

On the night, a ball held at the Holiday Inn in Dodworth raised £5300.00 on the night but at this time monies are still being collected. This was all done with the assistance of the great and good of South Yorkshire and a smattering of local celebrity support.

The celebrity guests included:
• Steven Arnold - Former coronation street star who played Ashley Peacock
• Bruce Dyer - Retired Barnsley FC Footballer and Co-Founder of Love Life UK
• Bobby Hassle - Barnsley Football Club Player
• Nick Montgomery - Sheffield United Football Club player
• John Bostock - Sheffield Wednesday Football Club Player
• 'Big Joe Egan' - Irish Heavyweight Boxing Legend described by Mike Tyson as 'The toughest white man on the planet'
• Adrian Anderson - Captain of The Sheffield Sharks

Steve Arnold really got into the spirit of the event and was heckled mercilessly about his shirt but he took it all in good faith and said that he had enjoyed the event thoroughly.

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