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Wedding Fireworks - Add colour to your special day

Wedding Fireworks - Add colour to your special day

Fireworks are being increasingly used to enhance Wedding celebrations and these days consumer fireworks can be so large simple to use as well as impressive that there is not always the need to employ the services of expensive display companies to host a memorable and easy to fire display.

We specialise in designing and supplying display packs to suit most budgets and events. We have therefore designed various wedding packs at different price points with these requirements in mind.

The Bouquets of Colour wedding collection is a fine example of how quality effects and colours can hypnotize and engage us and take us on an emotional journey. This incredible display pack from Epic Fireworks is perhaps the finest we have seen. Watch out for the ever popular Brothers Choice with its massive beautiful aerial bursts and spectacular colours. This is artistry in the sky and another classic from EPIC Fireworks, helping put some magic and glitter into your special day.

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